It is called the eco-tourism or sustainable tourism model that works to prevent the damage of mass tourism on ecosystem, The Geotourism is defined as tourism that sustains and enhances the geographical characteristics of the visited place: the environment, culture, aesthetics, traditions, well-being of local people.

A goal to strive for.

A challenge to Amorese Mauro, born in 1941, born in Milan and later moved to Guardistallo love of landscapes, people, quality of life in the area.

Founder and manager of Il Borgo Centro Vacanze, dreamed, desired, and finally realized Il Borgo Centro Vacanze following the principles of sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

He has managed to combine the culture of hospitality, the quality of accommodation, with the defense of the environment and the exploitation of land and cultural heritage.
A challenge that he won.

Today can boast a structure that has a very low impact on the surrounding environment, indeed! A structure that protects, promotes and helps to improve the surrounding environment.

Il Borgo Centro Vacanze autonomously produces all the electricity it consumes, purifies the water that flows from his shaft and then the warming with the help of generous Tuscan sun.

We offer our guests a path health than 3 km inside the park.

Experience for those who want to run or walk safely in the fresh air and tranquility of the Tuscan hills regenerating.
And for us not to miss anything, we produce in-house on land adjacent to the property, oil and wine, guests will find on the tables of the restaurant and that, if you like, they can buy, so take home a piece of our lifestyle.

Staying in Il Borgo Centro Vacanze will be an exciting holiday for families who can give their children the security of a healthy environment for lovers of life in contact with nature.

Our love of nature and humans, combined with our experience in the field of incoming tourism, will be available to each guest to make the adventure of a holiday in Tuscany is something to remember with nostalgia.