Sport and nature

Ours land is full of greenery and natural environments, with flora and fauna of merit, where nature lovers can discover funny trekking, go horse riding or cycling along the scenic roads that wind through the farms.

Apart from spend days of intense relax by the pool or exploring cultural destinations, our region has a particular vocation for the sport that gives pleasure to those who want to tone up even during the summer holidays.


Bicycle touring is a fun sport that will allow you to take a holiday in close contact with nature, with our territory and with its particular characteristics.

Our area (the Etruscan Coast and Val di Cecina) are particularly suitable for cycling because full of plains and gentle ups and downs, of paved roads not too beaten by the traffic that transport visitors to breathtaking panoramic views. Do not miss unsurfaced trails for mountain bikers, on which you can cycle through the woods and the Mediterranean exploring archaeological sites or have other adventures.

All these qualities, added to a temperate climate and few rain, make terrain ideal for training of professional and non professional teams throughout the year.

If you pass by us in April, May or September you may encounter teams taking part in their training. In May, 14 years from now, the Etruscan Coast Marathon organized by the MTB Club Cecina takes place and attracts many sportsmen.

Among our hills cycling experts and less experienced cyclists can tackle the slopes and plains with their own mountain bikes or racing bikes.

Offer for cyclists

Il Borgo Centro Vacanze is the ideal place for those looking for a structure able to understand and meet the needs of sport groups, but also the needs of the individual cyclists.

We guarantee the tranquility of our structure, our strategic position in the territory at the center of one of the most beaten routes and the knowledge of the athletes's needs, such as specific times for meals, the exhaustive quality of raw materials with which these meals are cooked, as well as other services for mountain bikers:
  • Covered and closed storage for bikes / mountain bike
  • Washing bikes space
  • Laundry service for clothing technical
  • Healthy and energetically balanced meals with suitable for sport menu
  • Flexible time at restaurant
  • The snack rider in the afternoon, returning from the tour
  • Detailed maps with routes and altitudes
  • Meeting room of 60 seats which can be used for meetings

Horse riding

The Val di Cecina gladly welcomes adventurous riders who venture into the hinterland curious to discover a rich variety of environments.

Passing through the ancient paths of our land from Guardistallo's agricultural landscapes, the beautiful Volterra's cliffs, the steep Metalliferous Hills, the geothermal resource of Larderello's geysers, until the flood plain of the Cecina river, means understanding the history of the people of Tuscany and their relationship with nature.

A simple horseback riding? Oh no, ... much more then that! It will be a suggestive perturbation!

Take some time and ride along the Etruscan Coast and Val di Cecina, passing through historic villages, through archaeological site and along the Wine Road.


The word "Trek" comes from Afrikaans language and is the term which the great migration in South Africa was called with between 1835 and 1843, when the Dutch settlers were forced to escape the advance of English.

"To trek" becomes synonymous to adventurous journey to do with own forces.

Nordic walking is a sport designed and applied in Finland for the summer training for cross country skiers. Nordic Walking is healthy for everyone and, with his clubs, combines walking with technically correct movements of the arms and shoulders, a characteristic of cross-country skiing.

Guardistallo, strategically located between the sea and the green hills, is the ideal place to enjoy both sports.

Walk in his paths means sharing paths that for centuries has accompanied lumberjacks, coal miners, millers, shepherds and poets.

Start with a free mind to the wide open spaces of this area, take the time that often seems to escape to you, and both if you're overlooking the blue Tyrrhenian or surrounded by lush green hills, nourish yourself with the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Take some time and walk along the Etruscan Coast and Val di Cecina on foot, passing through historic villages, archaeological settlements and the Wine Road.

Il Borgo Centro Vacanze in Guardistallo will be your ideal base and arrival point for any excursion you want to do.

If you're dreaming of your ideal vacationwalking through the hills of Tuscany? Do not wait!